Complete Comfort. Complete Control.

Make the best ductless heating and cooling system in the world even better with the Daikin ONE+ smart thermostat. Get better control, better comfort, and lower bills, all at the touch of a button, from anywhere in the world.

Humidity and Air Quality Control

Home comfort is more than just hot or cold. That’s why the ONE+ also tracks and adjusts the humidity and helps improve the air quality in your home. It makes sure your heat isn’t too dry in the winter, and keeps you from getting hot and sticky in the summer. And, it works on its own, without you worrying about it

Programming and Geo-Fencing

Start by programming the thermostat so it knows when to change the temperatures based on your schedule. Then, sit back while the system does it even better. 

Using geo-fencing and smartphone connectivity, the ONE+ thermostat recognizes when people are home and when they aren’t. Then, it adjusts the climate to make it comfortable when you need it while using as little energy as possible.

Control From Your Smart Device

Use the app to track your energy usage and check on your home from virtually anywhere. Designed for IOS and Android, the interface lets you make adjustments as if you were in your living room. You can even use voice commands for hands-free control. And, you can do it from anywhere with an internet or mobile connection. 

The app also lets you track energy usage, program changes, get alerts if there’s a problem, and much more.

The Daikin ONE+ thermostat lets you control your temperature, your humidity, and indoor air quality from virtually anywhere.
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