Daikin Ductless HVAC Installations Work Great In Any Philadelphia Home

Whether you’re cooling a row home in South Philly or heating the third floor of your single-family colonial in Germantown, Daikin ductless HVAC systems fit in anywhere. If your home never had ductwork, you won’t need to install it. And, you’ll feel comfort like never before.

Wall-Mounted Heating and Cooling Units

Place your furniture anywhere on any wall without worrying about blocking a vent. Ductless mini splits use wall mounted heating and cooling units — called air handlers — that circulate the air without getting in the way. You can choose high- or low-wall models or recessed ceiling units, or mix and match in each room to find the ones that blend in best.

Heating and Cooling Options for Old Houses

Daikin ductless is an effective, efficient heating and cooling option for an old house. It won’t change the look and feel of a classic or historic home. You don’t need to add ductwork, tear down any walls or make any sort of renovations.

State-of-the-Art HVAC in New Construction and Rehabs

Daikin ductless increases your comfort and your property value. An energy-efficient, state-of-the-art HVAC system adds much more value than another forced-air system with contractor-grade appliances. That makes it an excellent option for new homes from Fishtown to West Philadelphia, or rehabs and renovations in the Northeast down through South Philly.

Do You Need a Mini Split in Every Room?

You can install one air handler in a single problem area of the house. Or, use Daikin ductless HVAC to heat and cool your entire home. Depending on the layout, you may not need a mini split air handler in every room. Starting with a free consultation with a certified HVAC contractor, you can get a custom system designed just for you.